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Heart Song Flutes are created by Rommy Verlaan, with training in wood working techniques from Zak Stolk, and guidance from Ed Peekeekoot.

Rommy, has lived in a variety of coastal communities in British Columbia for over thirty years.             Rommy Verlaan

While feeling at peace being by the ocean,  on a mountain cliff,  walking through the trees, and sitting by a flowing river, Rommy has found the perfect pairing for connecting and being in harmony with these parts of our natural environment…..Playing the Native American Flute.

Being inspired by the music of Ed Peekeekoot, Mary Youngblood, and Carlos Nakai, and through a situation of coincidence and support, Rommy began creating Native American Style Flutes.

Creating flutes that are beautiful to look at, have a crisp clear sound, and are a delight to hold, is what Rommy strives to bring into every Heart Song Flute.

Zak Stolk grew up working with wood from a young age. His father, an Olde World craftsman, started Zak early on using hand tools for working with wood. Zak now does everything with wood, from designing and architectural work for homes, to carving installations for communities. He is a Luthier creating all manner of string instruments, violins, violas, cellos, double bass, guitars, harps, mandolins and custom instruments. Zak is also an established artist using all mediums, oils, watercolours, acrylics as well as pen and ink. Zak has donated many hours and his skills to create many masterpiece Heart Song Flutes with his carvings and paintings.

Rommy’s inspiration to create these flutes was their ancient and haunting sounds, brought to her through the music of Ed Peekeekoot. Ed is a First Nations musician, and songwriter.  He was nominated for the Aboriginal Music Awards, and is known for his soulful lyrics, as well as his skillful playing of the guitar, violin and the Native American Flute. Ed has also created a beautiful Flute & Cello CD, “atayohkan”. On this CD Ed plays a variety of our Heart Song Native American Style Flutes, along with Corbin Keep, an exceptional Cello player, playing on one of Zak Stolk’s handcrafted Cellos.












Awesome!!!! ?

Thank you so much ??


P.S. Everyone in my immediate family love the flute and the sound – my daughter remarked that it helps her sleep when I play, and my husband said the sound helped to relieve his tension headache. Once it’s “seasoned”, this will become my all-the-time instrument – I just LOOOOVVVE it!


Thank you so much for the wonderful Lakota Flute you made for me. I am filled with joy each time I play it knowing that I was involved in its design. I love the smell of the cedar and the calm of the bear carving that you made for the bird. The flute brings a sense of calm to myself and anyone in listening distance. I would highly recommend your craftsmanship to anyone interested in a Lakota Flute. All the best!!

Grant Waldman  Cowichan Valley BC, Canada


Hi Rommy,
I’m just writing to keep you up to date on the ripples into this world that your (my) flute is making, and to express my gratitude for your part of creating ‘life with flute’ for me! My life is full of transformation and healing right now, and I find that playing this wonderful instrument is a way for me to acknowledge this to myself, to speak the truth of it out loud and become aware of how these ripples affect everything in the universe. I never know what will be played, then it is playing itself….
AND, just as great is that it has found its way into a session I gave recently. I created an energy ball, then played something into it (channelled), then placed it into my client’s heart!

Java S. Vancouver Island BC, Canada


Tonielle absolutely loves the flute!!

It is so beautiful and special. It is wonderful hearing the beautiful sound of her playing coming through the forest on the property that we all share together here. We are so glad we found you. Lots of love from the other side of the Pacific 🙂 Meagan & Rod x  Australia

Hi Rommy,
I first took a day long workshop to find out how to play the NAF from Ed Peekakoot at your house, a couple years ago in October I think it was.
That day started a wonderful flute journey for me, and I celebrate your inspiration, and also your beautiful craftsmanship in the flutes you make.

Di Holmes    Nanaimo BC, Canada


Lovin’ my flute! So easy to play and create nice sounds. Even fiddling a bit with ornamentations too. Thanks!

Steve Alberta, Canada


Hi Rommy,
Wow, this a a phenomenal piece of art!! It is amazing and the tonal range is what I have been seeking, you are so talented.
The bag is perfect, the fabric is great!

I thank you so very much. This is a treasure…we’ll promote over time down here!
Bye for now,

Jill    Metchosin BC, Canada


I just picked up the flute from the mail today….opened it, and am overjoyed with the craftsmanship and beauty of it. Love the bag as well. Anni will LOVE it! Thank you so much for the TLC you put into this beautiful work of musical art!!!
All the best,

Darlene Naramata BC, Canada.


Thank You again, Rommy, for providing such excellent flutes! I am very happy with this one – I am happy every time I see it.

Enjoy each day! And Thank You!!

Michael   Salt Spring Island BC,   Canada


I must tell you how I cherish my beautiful flute. You both are so creative and I truly feel so fortunate for having met you . I just love the flute but I hope someday I will do it more Justice than now!!!
I will treasure it always ….you made it sooooo beautiful I just like to look at it….but I know I should learn to play it too.

Thank you so much.

Dianne Burgess   Victoria BC  Canada


AWESOME !!!!!!!!! and SOME, when I opened the bubble wrap all you could smell was the wonderful aroma of cedar. It is gorgeous, love the whale, the strap, the case is so cool, and the sound well what can I say WOW!!!!! I will be playing from the heart on your flute, Thank you so much, If anyone asks I will surely tell where it came from. Thank you again.

Steve Stott   Arnprior ON  Canada


Oh.  My. Goodness!!  Rommy…this flute plays like she has a mind of her own…she is soooo easy to handle…a voice like an angel…easy to reach and cover all the holes..

I have several flutes…but she is by FAR the easiest to play!!!
The rabbit makes me smile every time I see her!!
U are a genius!
I am already familiar with Jonny and his sheet music (have one of his books)  
Clarissa arrived in time to travel to Sedona!  
I also love her quilted bag!
Soooooo many thanks…that words are not adequate!
I (Clarissa) will be singing a song of thanks tomorrow!!
Many blessings and much joy to both of you!
(Sorry it took so long to write…I worked all day…and am just now able to sit down and “play”)
Sun City AZ

I’ve been watching every flute video I can get my hands on – history, tutorials, performances, etc.
Really happy to have discovered this remarkable instrument.

Just looked thru your Flute Gallery again. My oh my – you and Zak make stunningly beautiful instruments. Thanks for your devotion to this Art form. So happy I discovered Heart Songs!

Enjoy your day.

Steven   Sidney BC  Canada.


Hi Rommy,
The flute is lovely. I’ve only played it a few times including this morning but it has a lovely tone as well as it’s beautiful, unique appearance.

Eve    Crofton BC,  Canada