Our Native American Style flutes are made from a variety of woods.  From the Cedar family we use Red, Yellow and Aromatic. From the family of fruit trees we use Cherry, Japanese Plum, and Pear and Apple. We also use Walnut, Maple, Yew, Arbutus (when in stock), Beech, and Birch.  While we now are moving towards using only sustainable woods, while my supply lasts, I have Padauk, Ebony, Zebra, and Purple Heart.

Our flutes are created in the full range of minor keys, including sharps and flats, from a very low “G” to high “C”. All flutes are in a pentatonic scale.   Flutes can be made in a variety of pitches, 440, 432 are our most common, but others are available.

The combination of minor keys and the pentatonic scale gives them their unique and haunting sounds.

While we do use some mechanical wood working equipment, we do not use a lathe.  All our flutes are planed down by hand, all totems are individually hand carved and flute carvings are also done with Old World hand tools and techniques.

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While we strive to make each flute unique, we do have a standard, least expensive flute made of Red Cedar with a whale totem, starting at $265-$450.00 depending on the key.
Prices go up depending on type of wood, amount of carving, painting, size of flute and intricacy of the totem.  All flutes come with your choice of a basic sleeve or a thick quilted shoulder strap bag with fabric of your choice, instructions and playing resources.  We have a variety of flutes in stock, check out our shop page

Or… create your own personal flute:

Choose an animal totem from the totem gallery (click “Totems” photo), or request your own if we don’t have it there.  Choose your own specific wood from our selection.  Choose a key that resonates for you.  Add paintings, burnings, or carvings of ours, or your own design.

Custom flute prices depend on the same criteria as flutes available online.  Prices will vary with type of wood, amount of carving or painting, intricacy of totem, and size of flute.  Please give us 2-6 weeks to create your customized flute.  Time frame depends on amount and intricacy of work requested, and amount of orders we have at that time.

We can make a flute similar to anything we have done in the past, or use the photos as inspiration to create your own personal flute.