Rommy Verlaan, Maker of Native American-style Flutes

Rommy Verlaan
Maker of Native American-style Flutes


Heart Song, Native American Style Flutes have been created on the shores of Lake Cowichan, on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada, since 2006.


I am busy creating Quarantones for you!!

Let me create the perfect personal flute for YOU, while I have the time😊.

During this unprecedented time things have changed somewhat for Heart Song Flutes.  I am not at the at the Duncan market, and not doing any flute playing workshops.  I am however taking advantage of my self isolating time and creating a stock pile of flute bodies.  Anyone purchasing a flute at this time will get free lessons via Skype, Zoom, or through emails.

I have over 50 bodies of flutes ready to be made into a variety of keys, with any totem, check out my galleries for options and ideas.  Choices of wood include: Yew wood, Red Cedar, Aromatic Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Arbutus, Maple, Walnut, and Pear wood.

Thank you for your support at this time and I will see you at the Duncan market and at Flute playing Workshops,  hopefully in the not too distant future.  Stay healthy and stay safe!!

Rommy Verlaan

Heart Song Flutes are sold at Local Farmers Markets and craft fairs on Vancouver Island, Craft Fairs on Mainland BC, and via the internet, around the globe.

Rommy at Heart Song Flutes offers lessons on how to play these wonderful instruments.   She does one on one lessons, as well as group workshops. Lessons and workshops are held outside among the trees and shores of Lake Cowichan, indoors by an open fireplace, and in community halls and parks on Vancouver Island.   Check the “Workshop” page for dates and details.

I hope their unique, delicate and haunting sounds, along with Zak Stolk’s Old World style craftsmanship, will attract you to pick one up, and play your own song, from the heart, for years to come.