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Native American Flutes

Native American Flute
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Hi Rommy and Zak

I must tell you how I cherish my beautiful flute. You both are so creative and I truly
feel so fortunate for having met you . I just love the flute but I hope someday I will do it more
Justice than now!!!
I will treasure it always ....you made it sooooo beautiful I just like to look at it....but I know
I should learn to play it too.

Thank you so much.
Hugs ...Dianne Burgess

Victoria, BC.


AWSOME !!!!!!!!! and SOME , when I opened the bubble wrap all you could smell was the wonderful aroma of cedar. It is gorgeous, love the whale, the strap, the case is so cool, and the sound well what can I say WOW!!!!! . I will be playing from the heart on your flute, Thank you so much , If anyone asks I will surely tell where it came from .Thank you again

Steve Stott.
Arnprior, Ont.



I've been watching every flute video I can get my hands on - history, tutorials, performances, etc.
Really happy to have discovered this remarkable instrument.

Just looked thru your Flute Gallery again. My oh my - you and Zak make stunningly beautiful instruments. Thanks for your devotion to this Art form. So happy I discovered Heart Songs!

Enjoy your day.
Sidney, BC.


Hi Rommy,

The flute is lovely. I’ve only played it a few times

including this morning but it has a lovely tone as well as

it’s beautiful, unique appearance

Crofton, BC.

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Rommy Verlaan, Lakota Flute Maker

Crafting the sound
of the Lakota

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