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Native American Flutes

Native American Flute
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Lovin' my flute! So easy to play and create nice sounds. Even fiddling a bit with ornamentations too. Thanks!

Alberta, Canada.


Hi Rommy,
Wow, this a a phenomenal piece of art!! It is amazing and the tonal range is what I have been seeking, you are so talented.
The bag is perfect, the fabric is great!

I thank you so very much. This is a treasure…we’ll promote over time down here!
Bye for now,

BC, Canada.


I just picked up the flute from the mail today....opened it, and am overjoyed with the craftsmanship and beauty of it. Love the bag as well. Anni will LOVE it! Thank you so much for the TLC you put into this beautiful work of musical art!!!
All the best,

BC, Canada.


Thank You again, Rommy, for providing such excellent flutes! I am very happy
with this one - I am happy every time I see it.

Enjoy each day! And Thank You!!

Salt Spring Island
BC, Canada.

Lakota Flutes

Rommy Verlaan, Lakota Flute Maker

Crafting the sound
of the Lakota

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